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April 22, 2007

After the Cowbird encroachment on the Cardinal nest and the planting of two Cowbird Eggs, the Cardinals gave up on the nest and did not return . Thus ended our cardinal nest saga for this Spring , unless of course another shows up within range.

the final goodbye before they called it quits

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The Video will initially play one time . Use the controls to stop and start at any time It may be necessary  to click the Play button twice


Life does indeed go on though, and A Robin nest is now in process with the female on the nest. This just a few feet away from the ill fated Cardinal location .

And The Dove in the Once used Robin's nest is still incubating an unknown number of eggs

While the Feeder area remains a very busy place with the following frequent flyers



And of course the Downey Woodpecker

The insects also are making their appearance in numbers. I have not a clue as to what this one is. About thumbnail size and looks like a well know cartoon character.


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