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Autumn 2007 Hummingbirds

Scroll down for the Pictures

Scroll down for the Pictures

The Hummingbirds have been plentiful this year and have provided many opportunities to study the behavior of these tiny marvels. We have had five feeders  in play for most of the summer and each one is  perpetually guarded by a Ruby Throated  member either Male or Female who seems to take ownership of that feeder. For the most part it is rare to have more than one on a  feeder at the same time as the principle endeavor of the aforementioned caretaker is to drive off any other hummer who wants a piece of the feeder.  This goes on from  dawns early light until darkness. In  all of my observations, however, I have never seen any actual contact. It is almost like it is a joyous game rather than bird violence. In early September the numbers remain high and will probably do so until mid October when they will all head South and many will cross the Gulf of Mexico non stop to get to their winter homes. This page will contain both photos and videos of this activity .

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Backyard Wildlife Directory

Backyard Wildlife Directory

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