Peggy and Fannie

Peggy Greer

Once upon a time when I was a little girl ( around 5 yrs.) into my life came a bulldog named Fannie, leaving lasting memories for me. A man that worked with Dad had a dog that he wanted to give to someone with children and provide a good home for her, so to our home she came. It was love at first sight for both Fannie and me. Where ever I went Fannie was right beside me. She was old and her eyesight was not good but she had lots of love in her heart. She was very protective of me, so much so that when my friends and I were playing she would snap at them if they got too close to me. This happened on two occasions and even though the children were not hurt it was such a scare that she might hurt someone that Mother and Dad decided Fannie should have another home. Dad gave her to a friend, who had no children and whose home was a houseboat on the Ohio River. I wasn't happy about losing my friend but I was willing to give her up to save her from going to the animal shelter. Fannie left and I adjusted to the loss. Later in the summer we went to visit Granny and Papa in Etowah for a few days and when we returned as we were getting out of the cab in front of our house there was a dog pacing back and forth at the gate. As we got closer we realized it was Fannie and she recognized me right away. What a surprise to see her there. Dad got in touch with his friend to find out what had happened. He told us that he was on his houseboat in the middle of the Ohio River and he thought the dog had fallen off the boat. He looked for her but couldn't find her and eventually decided that she had drowned. She swam to the Ky. side of the river and made her way back to our house. How she knew to get to where we lived was amazing. We didn't know how long she had been waiting outside by the gate and if she had fallen off the boat or jumped. Those are questions I guess I will never have the answers to but I do know that an old and almost blind dog sure must have had a lot of love for a little girl to have gone through all that to get back to her friend. A few days later as I was going outside after breakfast I looked up and saw the animal shelter truck pulling away from our house and I knew right away what had happened. Needless to say I was heart broken. I guess this was one of the earliest lessons for me that life is not always fair. This picture was taken on Easter Sunday 1942, a happier time.